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Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
Diamond Line 20 IP
  • Diamond Line 20 IP

  • Diamond Line 20 IP
  • The Diamond Line 20 IP pixel bar light is a robust and dynamic LED lighting fixture designed for professional indoor and outdoor events. Fitted with 20 premium-quality pixel-controllable 15W RGBW LEDs, the light offers full-color mixing capabilities, enabling the creation of a wide spectrum of colors and effects. The advanced high-efficiency optic system ensures maximum light output, while the pixel control allows for intricate and dynamic lighting designs across 80 individual pixels. A significant luminous flux of over 10,000 lumens guarantees a powerful performance, and the fixture includes a field angle of 6 degrees, with optional lenses for 15°, 20°, 25°, and 45°, offering flexibility in beam shaping. The dimming capabilities are precise with both 8 and 16-bit resolution options, and the curves can be set to linear or other profiles to suit the desired fade effects. The DMX mode can be set to various channel options (11, 27, 80, 91CH) for different levels of control complexity. For operational modes, users have the choice between DMX, automatic, or master-slave configurations, and the light supports both DMX and RDM protocols. The pixel bar is ideal for creating pixel-mapping effects, multi-layered visuals, and dynamic pattern sequences, making it a powerful tool for lighting designers and professionals in concerts, festivals, outdoor theater productions, theme parks, hotels, cruise ships, weddings, clubs, bars, ballrooms, and other entertainment applications.
Functional indicator diagram


Diamond Line20 IP


Light Source

Light Source: 20 x 15W RGBW LEDs

Life Expectancy: 50,000 hours


Optical System

Beam Angles: 6°,15°,20°,25°,45°at option


Control and Program

4 Press Button

Display: LED display

Protocols: DMX512, RDM

DMX Protocol Modes: 4

Control Channels: 11/27/80/91

Electrical and Connectors

Input Voltage Range: AC90-240V, 50/60HZ

Power Consumption: 400W

Power In/Out: IP65 PowerCON True1 in and outIP65 DMX in and out

Data In/Out: 3 or 5-pin IP65 DMX in and out


Fixture Dimensions:

Length: 1004 mm (39.53")

Width: 96 mm (3.78")

Height: 130 mm (5.12")

Base Height: 178mm ( 7.01")


Fixture Weight

Fixture Net Weight:9.5kg(20.94lbs)


2in1 Carton Dimensions:

Length: 1270 mm (50.00")

Width: 320 mm (12.60")

Height: 220 mm (8.66")

Weight: 22.5 kg (49.60 lbs)


4in1 flightcase Dimensions:

Length: 1180 mm (46.46")

Width: 580 mm (22.83")

Height: 400 mm (15.75")

Weight: 71 kg (156.53 lbs)


8in1 flightcase Dimensions:

Length: 1180 mm (46.46")

Width: 600 mm (23.62")

Height: 550 mm (21.62")

Weight: 115 kg (253.53 lbs)


Work environment

Minimum Operating Temperature: -30°C

Maximum Surface Temperature: 70°C

Protection Rating: IP65


Factory configuration

Quick lock omega brackets

Safety cable

Floor stand

Power & DMX cables


Optional Accessories

PMMA froster

PMMA cover


Stand plate + Stand & Hang Components

Infinite rotation engine


Flight case 



Delivery Contents(Only one fixture)

'1x LED Bar

'1x Power Input cable(Can be customized)' 1x DMX Cable

'2x Tilt Brackets with fast locks Brackets·2x Stands

'1x Safety cable

'1x This User Manuel




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