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  • Retro 3X

  • Retro 3X
  • The Retro-3X, boasting a 45-degree angled edge, offers a multitude of installation possibilities to fuel boundless creative expression. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive patterns of warrior armor, this lighting system exudes character and crafts a harmonious interplay of light, emanating a cozy and inviting ambiance. Equipped with a robust LED configuration that includes 3*60W 1800K amber lights and 6*5W RGB lights, the Retro-3X is engineered to generate an impressive luminous output exceeding 7500 lumens alongside a broad 100-degree field angle. The result is far-reaching illumination and lively, dynamic visual spectacles. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Art-Screen is a marvel of intelligence and efficiency. It boasts precise pixel control and is outfitted with a cutting-edge optical system. The Retro-3X demonstrates remarkable versatility, seamlessly integrating into various environments whether it is controlled via DMX, operating autonomously, or in Master-slave mode. Its dimmer capabilities, with both 8-bit and 16-bit resolution and tailor-made curves, address the most subtle lighting demands. Additionally, pioneering functions like pixel-mapping and simulated-tungsten effect allow for the creation of enthralling lighting patterns and moods.
Functional indicator diagram


Power supply: 100-240V - 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 200W

LED source: 3 x 60W 1800K amber, 6 x 5W RGB

Optic: High efficiency optic system

Optional: DMX module with isolation

Effect: 21.Pixel Control RGBW

Luminous flux: >7500lm

Field angle: 100°

Dimmer mode: 8&16 Bit

Dimmer curve: Linear, curve

DMX mode: 18、21、33CH

Control mode: DMX, Auto, Master-slave

Protocol: DMX, RDM 

Light style: Pixel-mapping, sim-tungsten, dynamic patterns




IP rating: 40

Body: Black metal

Free light CON: Yes

Stand CON: 2 Max.

Hang drop CON: 6 Max.

Rotation : Yes

Working Condition: -30° ~ 70°C



Power: Power con in & out

DMX: 3 / 5 pin DMX in & out

Power cable: CCC 1.0mm, 8 power link Max

Power and DMX cable type: Customized


Box Info

Omega brackets (mounted on light)

Safety cable

Floor stand part 1(mounted on light)

Power & DMX cables

Carton: 2 in 1, Case: 4 in 1 or 8 in 1

Light: L930 x W120 x H77 mm

Carton size(2in1): 1230 x 255 x 185mm

Light Net Weight: 5.2 KG (Gross 2in1 11 KG)


Optional Accessories

Floor stand part 2

Stand plate


Flight case



Delivery Contents(Only one fixture)

· 1 x Retro creen light

· 1 x Power Input cable

· 1 x DMX Cable

· 2 x Brackets

· 2 x Folding stands

· 1 x Safety cable

· 1 x This lovely User Manuel


Optional accessories

- Floor stand part 2

- Stand plate

- Clamp

- Flight case


Multiple installation for Art Creen


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