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Light Source: 4pcs*150W warm white‚ 2in 1 LED life expectancy: 50,000hrs CRI>90 CT: 3000k-6400k
Color system: Color system: RGBW linear color mixing, built-in macro function RGBW, 16.7 million color changes, unlimited RGBW virtual color mixing system Effect configuration: 0-100% independent linear dimming, 0-100% independent saturation adjustment. 3200K-10000K color temperature linear adjustment. Independent high-speed strobe.
Light Source: 400W high CRI LED COB LED life expectancy: 50,000hrs Color rendering index: Ra(CRI)≥95, R9≥90, TLCI≥95 Center illumination: 5 meters 13,566LUX (5600K, 19°) Color temperature: 3200K, 5600K optional. (customization is acceptable)
The Rambo Knight Platinum 480 beam moving head, equipped with an OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 420W lamp, offers a powerful and versatile lighting solution. With a color temperature of 8000k and a narrow beam angle of 0-1.2°, this fixture provides a concentrated and intense light output. At a distance of 10 meters, it can achieve an impressive illuminance of 520,000lx, making it suitable for large venues and events. The lamp has an average lifespan of 4000 hours, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. In terms of dynamic effects, the beam moving head light features two color wheels, one with a total of 14 colors plus open and a rainbow color option. It also includes static gobo wheel (8 fixed+3 glass+3 open) along with gobo shake functionality. Additionally, the fixture offers a large prism effect with 8 facet+ circular prisms , a motorized frost effect, linear focus control, a 0-100% linear dimmer, and motorized shutter/strobe capabilities. The Pan/Tilt range of 540°Pan and 270°Tilt allows for flexible and precise movement to create dynamic lighting effects across a wide area.
Retro 3X
The Retro-3X, boasting a 45-degree angled edge, offers a multitude of installation possibilities to fuel boundless creative expression. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive patterns of warrior armor, this lighting system exudes character and crafts a harmonious interplay of light, emanating a cozy and inviting ambiance. Equipped with a robust LED configuration that includes 3*60W 1800K amber lights and 6*5W RGB lights, the Retro-3X is engineered to generate an impressive luminous output exceeding 7500 lumens alongside a broad 100-degree field angle. The result is far-reaching illumination and lively, dynamic visual spectacles. Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Art-Screen is a marvel of intelligence and efficiency. It boasts precise pixel control and is outfitted with a cutting-edge optical system. The Retro-3X demonstrates remarkable versatility, seamlessly integrating into various environments whether it is controlled via DMX, operating autonomously, or in Master-slave mode. Its dimmer capabilities, with both 8-bit and 16-bit resolution and tailor-made curves, address the most subtle lighting demands. Additionally, pioneering functions like pixel-mapping and simulated-tungsten effect allow for the creation of enthralling lighting patterns and moods.
1810 LED PAR IP67
The HL-1940BW IP is designed for professional lighting applications. This fixture features 19 x 40W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, delivering vibrant and dynamic color mixing with a long-lasting LED life expectancy of 20,000 hours. Engineered with an advanced optical design, the fixture ensures uniform color distribution across a zoom range of 7° to 42°, making it versatile for various lighting scenarios. Control is intuitive, thanks to a user-friendly interface with four press buttons and an LCD display. It supports multiple protocols, including DMX512, sound-activated, and master/slave modes, and offers six DMX channel modes (21/26/36/43/78/119) for flexible control options. Pan and tilt movements are precise and smooth, with 16-bit resolution, 540° pan, and 270° tilt, complemented by automatic position correction. The fixture's dimming capabilities are exceptional, with a 0-100% linear dimmer and four dimmer curves to suit different needs. Each LED is individually controllable, featuring a unique honeycomb lens design and a rotatable front lens for creating stunning effects. This flexibility allows the fixture to function as a beam, wash, or effect light, including captivating Kaleidoscopic effects. Additionally, an extra LED ring provides eye-catching macro effects. Built with pure aluminum casting housing, this fixture is robust and suitable for all environments. Its IP65 protection rating ensures reliability in both indoor and outdoor settings, making it a superior choice for any professional lighting setup.
The OptiFlex 60 is designed for professional applications that demand superior performance and versatility. This fixture features an impressive array of 10 x 60W RGBW 4in1 LEDs, complemented by 96 x 1W cool white, 96 x 1W warm white, and 96 x 1W RGB 3in1 LEDs, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic lighting experience. With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, the OptiFlex 60 promises longevity and reliability. The optical system boasts adjustable beam angles from 4° to 60°, producing a luminous intensity of 39,000 LUX at 5 meters, ensuring powerful illumination across a spectrum of color temperatures ranging from 2500K to 9000K. Its advanced control and program features include 270° tilt with fine adjustment, a 1.77-inch color LCD display, and the ability to update software via DMX connection. It supports multiple protocols such as DMX512, Auto-run, and Sound activated modes, offering 5 DMX protocol modes with control channels ranging from 17 to 168. Designed for versatility, the fixture includes a 0-100% linear dimmer, pixel control, and a strobe function operating at 25 times per second. The electrical system operates within an AC 90-240V range, consuming 850W. Robust and portable, the OptiFlex 60 comes housed in a durable flight case with optional accessories, making it the ultimate choice for indoor lighting needs.
LED Type: 3535 5W 6500K LEDs LED Count: 144 LED Colors: Cool-White LED Segments: 4 LED life expectancy: 20,000hrs
1240 BEE-EYE
HL-12*40BW is versatile and high-performance lighting fixture, designed to meet a broad range of professional lighting needs. The fixture features 12pcs powerful 40W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, delivering vibrant, long-lasting illumination with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The advanced optical system includes a high precision integrated structure lens, high transmittance quartz glass light pipe, and PMMA lens, providing a zoom angle range from 5° to 45°. For control and programming, the unit is equipped with a 4-button LCD display and supports DMX512, RDM, and Master/Slave protocols. It offers four DMX channel modes: 19 CH, 67 CH, 26 CH, and 74 CH, and features 16-bit pan (540°) and tilt (216°) resolution with automatic position correction for precise movements. The intelligent cooling system includes automatic fan speed adjustment and overheating protection, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Effects include a 0-100% linear dimmer with four dimmer curves, RGBW color mixing, and pixel control. Each LED is individually controllable, with a unique honeycomb lens design and rotatable front lens for dynamic beam, wash, and kaleidoscopic effects, plus an extra LED ring for macro effects. The fixture is housed in durable pure aluminum casting with IP65 protection, suitable for various environments.
The COB LED blinder light is an advanced stage lighting solution designed to enhance performances with its high-quality, bright lights. It offers a stunning visual display, making it ideal for various indoor events such as concerts and exhibitions. The COB LED blinder light features a 400W power output with four 100W warm white LEDs, providing a color temperature range of 3000K to 6400K. It has a power consumption of 450W and can operate within an input power range of AC100-240V, 50/60Hz. This lighting solution has a long LED lifetime of 50,000 hours, ensuring durability and reliability. It offers multiple control modes including DMX512, master-slave, auto, sound, and RDM, with DMX channels ranging from 2 to 9. The COB LED blinder light also includes a linear dimming capability from 0-100% and a separate strobe function. Its environmental operating temperature ranges from -20℃ to 40℃, and it has an IP20 rating for protection against dust and moisture. The light can be adjusted within a 0-57 degree turn angle, and it features a user-friendly LCD display. With dimensions of 403821cm and a weight of 10.3 kg, it is a robust and versatile lighting option for any professional setting.
Light Source: 500W high CRI LED COB LED life expectancy: 50,000hrs Color rendering index: Ra(CRI)≥95
HT-1000BSWZ IP 1000W LED Beam Spot Wash Framing IP65
The 1000W LED Spot Profile is a multi-environmental, maintenance-free white LED moving head with IP65-rating and a bright color output, generating a narrow beam of light in spot position with 59,000 LM at 8000k. It features in strong beam effect, clear gobo, fast and smooth running, precise positioning and uniform pure color, sharp framing cutting. The fixture has a super high and long lighting distance range, with 6 glass rotating gobos, 6 fixed gobos+open, one 3-facet prism, 6 colors with white. Its framing system allows the fixture to perform beam-shaping images and projections via individually controllable blades with module rotation. It is capable of an even field beam projection with sharp imaging and no color aberrations.This fixture could be used for large stadiums, large performances and other professional venues and all-weather environment.
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